FreeBSD ZFS umask issue

Date: 2020-11-29

modDate: 2020-11-29

tags: freebsd umask zfs

How to resolve not readable files

I am not sure how this started, but I assume I clicked some option on FreeNAS that set the ACL flag. Then I migrated to FreeBSD.

Unfortunately I set this flag on only a few directories and since I also had a hardware problem I didn’t notice right away or correlate it with other actions.

When I did discover it I was setting up a new NFS client to my NAS and thought it was an NFS issue.

Setting the ZFS ACL flag results in allowing you to create a file yet not being able to read it.

For example:

$ ls -l

total 1

---------- 1 jjf jjf 0 Nov 29 14:25 t

One way to tell if you have an ACL set is by the plus sign after the permissions.

drwxrwxr-x+ 14 jjf jjf 15 Nov 28 05:21 music

By running the following command you can recursively clear all ACLs that you may have set.

setfacl -Rb *