emacs/notmuch sent mail

Date: 2020-10-28

modDate: 2020-10-28

tags: emacs notmuch

How to copy an email to a sent folder

I have been puzzling over how to add my sent email to my Maildir/Sent folder. Clearly in FCC/BCC they describe the variable “notmuch-fcc-dirs” as a directory and in Maildir format.

However I could not get it to work. Since my mail provider handles plus addressing I decided to use that instead. I added a Bcc field to my header with my sent folder as a bcc in my init.el file.

(setq message-default-mail-headers "Bcc: mailID+Sent@mail.com")

Then after my Maildir sync program runs my Sent folder is copied down to my Maildir/Sent/cur directory.